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(as answered by Snoopy)

1. How old is the website?

The site started on January 3rd, 2000. I originally wanted it to go up on the 1st, but I ran into some snags (as this was my first website), so it went up 2 days late. I always hit myself over the head for that one.

2. Why is it called 'SnoopyCool'?

Some people think it's a take off on 'snoopy' and 'joe cool' from the peanuts comic strip, but to be honest, that's got nothing to do with it. My nick just happens to be 'Snoopy' (back from the first time I chose a nick in the 90's) and when I was trying to think of a website name, 'SnoopyCool' just kinda fell into my lap as something that may be neat. You know, at the time, modifiers for 'cool' were pretty popular (like hella cool, or uber cool), and that was the beginning. Stupid, I know, but hey, I was still young.

3. Why did you name the group after yourself?

I didn't, actually. While the site was named after me, I was also the original member of the 'group', so I wasn't being nearly as egotistical as I'm sure it must look currently. It's like StudioRobb, if you've been in the scene long enough to remember that, only mine evolved into something more than a one-man show.

On a related note, I actually asked the rest of the guys how they'd feel about changing the name to something less... er... me. And they pretty much unanimously crapped on that, so the egotistical name will be staying for quite a while to come.

4. History of SC? Is it worth talking about?

Not really. Started as a personal site for me, naturally evolved from that into an anime download site (I was into DragonBall at the time, but don't hate me for it, so were most of you), then we (or I guess it was just me back then... ) added the Flame of Recca manga to the downloads and things just skyrocketed from there. The actual manga group was born when we added the first Recca editor to the team (Two-Headed Pig was his nick), then we got Sekihoutai, our longest-running member and introduced Hajime no Ippo as the second group manga. And from there, we added Psychic Academy, Majin Devil, Greenwood. And eventually the site evolved from anime download/manga group into a purely manga group. And here we are, roughly 8 years as a manga group and still going strong.

5. How do you decide what series you do?

Everything's based on my own personal taste. If I like a manga, I put it in my list of things that I want to eventually put on SC, and if I have extra time and workers available to do it, then it gets added to the project list. Normally I go out and happen on these naturally by reading reviews on or something, but sometimes people make suggestions that end up on the site, too.



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